About the Masonry Institute of BC

The Masonry Institute of BC has evolved from masonry organizations, which have been promoting the local masonry industry for over 50 years. The programs of the MIBC are supported by the Masonry Producers Association of BC, and the BC Chapter of the Canadian Masonry Contractors Association.

The mandate of the MIBC is to enhance the development of masonry in BC through technical support to designers, educators and building officials.

This is done through:

  • Daily contacts by phone, fax and email
  • Office visits and presentations
  • Seminars and courses
  • Design manuals, literature, software, website
  • Representation in industry groups, building codes and research


Executive Director: Farshid Borjian.

3636 4th Avenue East Vancouver, BC V5M 1M3 Phone: (604) 291-1458 Fax: (604) 291-9482 Email: info@masonrybc.org Technical Questions: fborjian@masonrybc.org