Specialize in Masonry

Additional information on the whole apprenticeship progam, tax credits, financial assistance and grants are all available at the ITA Web site.

Apprenticeship for Practicing Construction Workers

If you already have experience in the field, you may begin your apprenticeship right away. All you need is an employer to sponsor you.

If you have sufficient experience, you may be able to challenge the tests immediately. Otherwise to begin your apprenticeship in bricklaying, have your sponsor lined up, and then follow these steps:

  1. Check the schedule at the TTTA for the next bricklayer/mason training session.
  2. To reserve a spot in the next technical training session at the TTTA, call 604-580-2463. The person to speak to is Sharon Edwards.
  3. Both yourself, the apprentice, and your sponsor must register with the ITA, using this form. Complete it, sign it and return it to the ITA.
  4. You may claim hours for work done for up to one year prior to registering as an apprentice. In order to do so, complete and return this form.
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