Requirements of Application

Application Acceptance

Application information will be reviewed, and forwarded to the CMCA-BC Board of Directors for consideration. Notification will normally be provided to the applicant within 90 days of submission.

Initial Payment

  • Dues – submit 2 years of current annual dues amount. 2016 Commercial Contractor dues are $750. Therefor 2 x $750 = $1,500 (plus applicable taxes).
  • When joining after Jan.1, the balance will be prorated for the next dues payment in the third year of membership.
  • Due upon acceptance to activate membership.

Confirmation of Membership Status (COMS) Availability

This form provides members with a confirmation that they meet the requirement in the specifications for many projects that masonry contractors be members of the MIBC and CMCA-BC and have passed the Technical Masonry Certification qualification. New members are eligible for a COMS certificate after an initiation period of 6 months following membership activation.

Technical Masonry Certification (TMC)

Pass the CMCA-BC course at next offering (principal or supervisor).

Other Benefits:

All other membership benefits commence upon membership activation.

National Membership:

Membership in the CMCA-BC also includes membership in the CMCA National Association

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