What we do

The Masonry Institute of BC (MIBC) represents and promotes the masonry industry in British Columbia.

It is supported by B.C.’s masonry contractors, and by manufacturers and distributors of masonry products and services.

The masonry contractors are members of the B.C. Chapter of the Canadian Masonry Contractors Association (CMCA-BC). Distributors and masonry accessory suppliers are Associate Members of that group. Members who join CMCA-BC are automatically members of the MIBC.

The MIBC promotes the industry externally, primarily through technical support to the architects and engineers who design commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings. This is done through seminars, an on-line technical manual, presentations to UBC and BCIT students, events such as the Masonry Design Awards, and responses to on-going technical enquiries.

The CMCA-BC handles the internal operations of the associations, supports MIBC activities, and co-ordinates bricklayer training, contractor certification and contractor safety issues. Commercial Contractor members are also members of CMCA National.


Become A Member

Association Objective

To engage in activities and adopt and develop policies and programs to further and improve the welfare of the masonry industry and the relationship between the masonry industry, the members of the Association and the public.

Membership Benefits

Membership Services

Project leads from our customer enquiries, designer contacts, website member roster, construction shows, and advertising.

Technical and field assistance to contractors and suppliers for project issues or problems.

Specs, Details and Codes advice during bidding and construction.

Technical Masonry Certification (TMC) program for members only. Provides members with basic structural and envelope principles, along with detailed knowledge of the 6 CSA masonry standards.

Provides access for Contractor members to projects where TMC qualification is specified. Confirmation of Membership Status (COMS) forms are provided for bidding.

Networking for Contractors with your peers, and for Associates with your customers, at membership meetings and event, such as:

  • Membership dinner meetings with speakers
  • Annual general meeting and dinner
  • CMCA golf tournament

As a member of the Council of Construction Associations, the CMCA has supported efforts which are saving approximately 10% of WCB costs for contractors. Assistance with specific WCB problems.

Assistance with registering and training apprentice.

Input to Apprenticeship training programs in BC through CMCA membership in the Masonry Industry Training Association (MITA).

Promotion of the trade and Skills Canada competitions.

Benefits from national manpower training studies and programs.

MIBC’s Bursary Fund

Industry Representation

Provide coordinated industry response to opportunities and threats facing our industry – both provincially and nationally.

Participation in the BC Construction Association and the BC Council of Construction Trade Associations to affect government policies and procedures.

Participation in industry WorkSafeBC watchdog Association (COCA) to minimize rates, protect contractor interests and train through the Construction Safety Association of B.C. (CSABC).

National action through CMCA National Office.

Staff participation and input for National CSA Standards to represent B.C. interests.

Staff involvement with Engineers, Architects, Building Envelope and Planners Associations; HPO; Green Building Councils, etc.

Contacts and Presentations to building officials and inspectors.

Industry Promotion

Through the Masonry Institute of BC

Phone and Email contacts

Designer office visits

Technical Manual & Details on website

Designer seminars

Student presentations – UBC, BCIT

Association library resources, Design Textbooks, Computer Programs

Local literature development through industry Technical Committee

On-line Technical Manual, “MIBC Details”

For both Residential and Commercial Construction

Coordinated through MIBC Marketing Committee

Advertising, seminars

Awards Programs, Construction shows, Trade shows

Construction industry meetings and associations


Kelly Rose
Association Manager