Structural Details

Navigation Instructions

Hover over a Wall Section, Building Detail, or Elevation to obtain a description of the target page.

  • Wall Section: click a tab to open a page showing that section, with links to particular detail locations up the wall. Click a wall detail to open a page with 2D drawings and a 3D model. 2D drawings show an elevation, section and plan view.
  • Building Detail: click a tab to open directly to page with 2D drawings and a 3D model.
  • Elevation: click a tab to open to a 2D elevation drawing. The wall can be reviewed in layers by clicking the “Construction Sequence” button.

For all details, click the “Notes” button to open a window with notes for that detail. Click the “PDF Page for Print”, “AutoCAD Drawing” or “SketchUp Model” button, as applicable, to download the files of that detail for your use.

To view other details, return to the structural detail main page by clicking on the model icon at the top left of a detail page.